3 Top Tips To Be More Productive

I’ve spent the last 6 months with a to do list as long as my arm that I could just never seem to get rid of. It consisted of seemingly little things like replace my car key battery, get a new screen for my phone and order tickets for various events but when those little things add up to a list of over 75 jobs (not an exaggeration) it can be quite overwhelming. I couldn’t stick to a schedule for my YouTube or blog and ended up uploading sporadically or not at all, and I just never really felt put together. Around early may I decided enough was enough and made lists of everything I had to do. One for college, one for YouTube, one for my blog and the big one- the ‘Master To Do List’ which was made up of all the random little jobs that add up to a LOT of work. I tackled the master to do list first and managed to get the bulk of it done over two weeks and the things still left to do I left until after my exams were finished and got them done in my ‘Sort-My-Life-Out-Week’ straight after my exams. The other three lists were an on-going task which I also managed to mop up after my exams were over with. So I now have a fresh start for my gap year and I’m even organised enough to be prefilming and prewriting blog posts so I can stick to an upload schedule. Below are my three top tips to getting on top of your jobs and getting yourself together when your life is a mess-

-Before you attempt to tackle anything, get yourself together physically. By this I mean have a good nights sleep, clean and tidy your room, put fresh sheets on your bed, have a shower, put some comfy clothes on, get your hair out of your face (I literally can’t do anything unless my hairs tied up), have a good meal and drink some water. I always find that if I feel fresh, clean and tidy physically then I also feel it mentally. I promise it will make your whole life feel a lot less cluttered if you’re not attempting to do jobs in the same pjs you’ve had on for 3 days straight (guilty) in a cluttered room.
-Make lists. I can’t stress this one enough. It might sound obvious but you’ll never get everything done if you just have your jobs floating around in your head. Personally, I make all my lists on the computer on a plain white page with basic font so everythings neat and clear and then stick them on my wall so I can see them whenever I need to. This really works for me but if you prefer to make your lists in a bullet journal or a fancy diary then go for it, either way you get to experience the VERY satisfying feeling of physically ticking a job off!
-Use Google calanders. This was actually something I took from Hannah Witton’s video (which will be linked below) and it has honestly SAVED. MY. LIFE! I used to use an apple calander and a physical diary but a Google calander is better than both of them put together! You can view the whole month, colour code your events and drag and drop to change their date (AMAZING for planning videos and posts) which has allowed me to have a clear view of everything I have coming up all in one place. Remember not to spend too much time planning though, as Hannah says ‘You shouldn’t spend more time planning the things than actually doing the things’.
I hope these tips help if you’re struggling to stay on top of things, they’ve definitely helped me! You can check out Hannah’s video I mentioned here- https://youtu.be/Q4o1zkCrkvY

Megan x
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  1. This is so handy! My life has been a complete mess lately so I’ve been procrastinating like crazy, and I’ve been finding it extremely difficult to focus. Will start making my lists tonight!

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