Half Year Favourites 2017

I can’t believe we’re half way through 2017 already, it literally feels like yesterday I was writing my New Years resolutions post! Although the past six months has mainly consisted of A Levels, Ive managed to pack in lots of films, TV series, YouTube and travel and I’m here to tell you about all my new favourites I’ve discovered since January…


I know people are sick of reboots of old classics, but I wasn’t even alive when Pamela Anderson and The Hoff were strutting their stuff down a Miami Beach, so for me, ‘Baywatch 2017’ was my first time watching the lifeguards in action and it didn’t disappoint. The humour was just my style (mainly the jokes made about Zac Efron’s character, Matt Brody) and I laughed the whole way through. So it might not have impressed everyone but its one of my faves of the year so far!

Another film thats made it to my half year favourites is ‘Going In Style’ starring Morgan Freeman, Michael Kane and Alan Arkin. It follows three pensioners attempting to gain enough money to retire and has comedy, action and very clever details in it’s plot. If you liked ‘Last Vegas’ you’ll love this!

Although its hard to watch Will Ferrel as anyone but Buddy the Elf, ‘The House’ is one of my favourite films of 2017 so far. If you haven’t seen it, the basic plot is two parents trying to raise funds for their daughter to go to college who turn to a very unusual money-making scheme. Its full of over-the-top comedy and action and I’d definitely watch it again!

TV Shows

‘The Halcyon’ is BY FAR the best thing I’ve watched this year. Its a period drama set in WWII London and explores class, race sexuality, female leads and had me waiting for Monday EVERY week. Every single plot and relationship within the series was well thought out and got me genuinely emotional, so much so that it took ‘Orange is the New Black’ s number one spot on my list of all time favourite shows, and thats a big deal because I LIVE for OITNB. Sadly, it was cancelled after one season, but theres still eight hours of heart wrenching material out there that I’ll be watching on repeat until I get over it.

I couldn’t write this post without mentioning ‘Girlboss’. I feel like every blogger to ever exist has heard of it, but just incase you haven’t, its based on a true story and follows Sophia Aramuso on her journey to becoming a self-employed business woman and founder of clothing company ‘Nasty Gal’. I watched this just after I came home from a trip to San Fransisco so the whole series gave me serious holiday blues as some of the sets were places I’d actually visited. Plus, the episodes were only 30 minutes each so I didn’t need long to binge watch the whole thing! Again, it was cancelled after one season (I really know how to pick ’em) but the one series that was made was AMAZING!

Another TV show I LOVED in the first half of this year was ‘Riverdale’. It gave me a lot of  ‘Pretty Little Liars’ vibes but one series was packed with more answers than the whole 7 series of PLL! It was very unpredictable and, unlike the last two shows I mentioned, is coming back for a second season! Theres only 13 episodes so theres time to catch up before it comes back later this year!


Tara from ‘Tar Mar’ is 100% my favourite YouTuber so far this year! She lives in New York and makes videos all about NYC lifestyle, so anytime you need a dose of the big apple you can count on her! I also absolutely adore her blog and Instagram, her minimalistic style of photography is gorgeous and you can really see how much effort goes into everything she does!

The next channel I’ve been loving this year is ‘Negative Feedback’ which focuses (no pun intended) on film photography. The videos are very info-heavy but are VERY aesthetically pleasing to watch even if you’re not interested in the ins and outs of cameras. One of my biggest loves is photography so I like seeing the whole process from shooting to the final images in the videos and they all have a really chill vibe thats easy to watch.

One of my favourite YouTubers of all time is Louise Pentland and I absolutely LOVE her weekly vlogs. I tend to save them for midweek when I need a bit of a pick me up and half an hour of escapism and they never fail to put me in a good mood. Louise recently announced that she’s pregnant with her second child so the weekly vlogs are starting to include her pregnancy which is SO exciting for her as well as all her viewers! I’m sure SprinkleofChatter vlogs will continue to be some of my favourites for a long time.

One of the first ever YouTuber’s I started watching back in 2012, before Zalfie was even a thing, was Alfie Deyes from Pointlessblog. I’ve always loved his vlogs but for the last couple of months I’ve been watching them every single day and I’ll never get bored of them. I’m especially loving watching he and Zoe move into their new house and seeing the day to day progress they’re making with it through his vlogs. Alfie’s always so upbeat and positive so his vlogs really help me when I’m feeling unmotivated and give me something to look forward to everyday!


As I mentioned earlier, ‘The Halcyon’ has taken the top spot as my all time favourite TV series and in February on a family trip to London I managed to squeeze in a spontaneous visit to the building used for the exterior of the hotel! It was so surreal actually standing where a show I’d become so invested in was filmed and I don’t think anything that happens this year will match up to the excitement I felt when I turned the corner and saw the building!

You may have seen my post about my birthday trip to New York earlier this year where I mentioned I went to see ‘Kinky Boots’ on Broadway and I can confirm that four months after coming home, I’m STILL singing the soundtrack everyday! It was honestly one of the best live performances I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing and I can’t recommend it enough. I think I’ll probably end up going to see it on the West End too because I just loooove it.

Although every experience during my America trip was special, Alcatraz was a stand out memory for me and is something I’ll remember for the rest of my life. I love learning about anything to do with crime/prisons so Alcatraz had always been somewhere I’d dreamt of going and I was finally able to get there this year. I learned and experienced so much during my time on ‘The Rock’ and even got to meet a former guard! I couldn’t not include this bucket list experience in my half year favourites!


So, thats all for my favourites so far this year, I really hope you enjoyed this post as its a bit different from what I’ve been writing so far. There’ll also be a video going up on my channel all about my half year favourites if you’d like to watch. Leave a comment letting me know what some of your half year favourites are! Megan x

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