My Thoughts On Instagram Themes

For YEARS, Instagram themes have caused me nothing but stress. Photography is one of my biggest passions and I’ve struggled to find my style even after having done it for three years, so looking at peoples perfectly coherent, aesthetically pleasing Instagram themes hasn’t helped make me feel any better about my own work. I could just never pick a colour scheme or style of feed I liked and could stick to even after stalking Pinterest and other people’s profiles for hours. Even after completing a whole project for my A Level photography course trying out different Instagram themes, I still couldn’t stick to one. This lead to me not wanting to post on Instagram at all and actually stopped my enthusiasm for photography at some points as I just felt like an un-put-together mess every time I looked at my profile. I always found themes very restricting but also didn’t like the messiness of not having one which ultimately caused me to have a long break from posting last year because I was sick of overthinking my feed. Let me take you down memory lane and show you some of my past failed Instagram themes…

The 2013 ‘I’ve Just Got Instagram And Still Use The In-App Filters’ Theme





I remember back in the very early days of my first Instagram account, it was summer 2013 and I was SO excited to post all the photos I was taking because it was around this time I started getting into photography. This was probably my first proper ‘theme’ as all the images were edited the same (albeit badly).

The 2014 ‘I’m Going To Document Everything I Do’ Theme

megans iphone 407.JPG

megans iphone 143.JPGmegans iphone 493.JPGmegans iphone 545.JPG

This was actually a really enjoyable time on Instagram. I had a lot of exciting experiences in 2014 and all I was focused on was documenting them. I didn’t edit them at all and didn’t worry about sticking to a theme.

The 2015′ I’m So Tumblr’ Theme



This theme is probably my longest lasting one so far. It wasn’t so restricting as all I did to the images was put a white border on them so I pretty much just posted whatever I was doing, plus some cringey pictures I thought were Tumblr at the time.

The ‘I Can Do Squares But Not Filters’ Theme


I don’t even have anything to say for this one. Its just a mess. An absolute mess.

The 2016 ‘I Just Got VSCO And Missed My Goth Phase When I Was 12’ Theme


I never went through a goth phase, so naturally I made up for it with some dark VSCO filters and dodgy eyeliner in a bid to look cool.

The ‘I’m Attempting A Summer Theme’ Theme


My aim for this one was to go bright, but it just ended up as an overwhelming mish mash of over-edited photos.

The ‘I Don’t Even Want To Post Anymore’ Theme

I don’t have anything to show for this one; all the failed themes in the past had put me off posting at all so I didn’t put anything up for about 6 months.

The ‘Coherent But Very Beige’ Theme




Admittedly, even though this theme is very beige/brown I’m quite proud of it. Its the one that looks most like a ‘theme’ up to this point and I really like the photos by themselves as well. I remember getting inspiration from this from Alvia Latimer’s Instagram, I love her style of photography!

The ‘I’ve Been To New York And I Want Everyone To Know About It’ Theme


I tried to go for a cool, minimalistic city vibe for this theme, and, although I’m proud of the individual images by themselves, I just don’t think it worked as a theme.

The ‘I Went To Three Other Cities In America But Haven’t Posted About Them Because Instagram Themes Are Overwhelming’ Theme

Again, theres not even anything to show for this one. I got so overwhelmed with the pressure of posting amazing travel pictures from far-flung places that I didn’t post anything at all.

The Current ‘Minimalistic’ Theme

All of my previous fails have led up to my current ‘Minimalistic’ theme ,which, I have to say, I’m pretty happy with. The only editing I use aside from basic tools such as crop and contrast is the whitening tool on Facetune and it SAVES.MY.LIFE! I don’t really like using filters as I don’t like to drastically change my images but the whitening tool gives all my images a cohesive feel and makes my feed clean and bright. I make use of ‘filler’ images with a lot of negative/empty space to keep my theme minimal and balanced which, along with the whitening tool, seems to be the key to me FINALLY maintaining an Instagram theme.


Surprisingly, even after the years of stress Instagram themes have caused me, I actually prefer having one to not having one. Maybe its because now I have a YouTube channel and a blog I understand the importance of online ‘branding’ and keeping things consistent. I just feel a LOT more put together and happy with my feed now I’ve picked a theme I want to stick to which is amazing! You can follow my Instagram here (plug plug plug) to see if I actually keep my minimalistic theme for longer than a month!

What are your thoughts on Instagram themes? Do you feel restricted or better for having one? Leave a comment below and let me know! Megan x



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