Weekly Blogging Routine

Weekly Blogging Routine Infographic.jpgHello everyone! Throughout the week I’ve been adding to this post to show you my blogging process and how I manage my time to ensure I stay ahead of myself and always have blog posts ready to go up on time. I’m really nosy so I enjoy reading posts like these to see how other bloggers do things differently to me, so I really hope you find this interesting!


9.30-10am- Wrote to do list for the week. On a Monday morning I like to check my calendar to see which posts and videos are going up that week/the next week so I can spread the workload evenly everyday.

10-10.15- Took the featured image for my Love Island post. Since this was my smallest task of the day and also needed to be completed by 6pm when the post was scheduled to go up, I got it done and out of the way early.

10.15-11.30- Scheduled tweets. This is one of the more boring blogging tasks and always seems to take longer than I anticipate, so I decided to get the bulk of it done at the beginning of the day whilst my mind was still fresh. I managed to get all of Monday’s and half of Tuesday’s self-promotion tweets scheduled and took a break to do something else before completing the task so I didn’t spiral into a day of procrastination.

11.30-11.50am-Started this section of this blog post. I wrote the intro and outlined the rough times I’d be doing/had done things during the day so I could come back to write the bulk of the post later.

11.50-12pm-Finished scheduling tweets. I came back to the other half of Tuesday’s tweets and that was my biggest task of the day done!

12-12.30pm-Started one of next week’s posts. At this point I’d already completed and scheduled the two blog posts going up during the week of this post, so I started on next week’s first post to get ahead of myself. I wrote about a quarter of this post before taking a break for lunch.

12.30-1.30pm-Lunch. A girls gotta eat!

1.30-4.20pm- Made more progress on the post I started before lunch. It ended up being a lot longer than I expected and by the end of the day I was 90% done, but couldn’t finish the final part until the end of the week since I needed to write about the week ahead to finish the post. I got the structure, main bulk and images added so I was very pleased with the progress I’d made on it.

4.20-8pm- Family time. I took a break from blogging for some family time and then got settled in bed for my last little blogging task of the day.

8-9pm- I finished the day by writing up this section of the post you’re reading to make sure it didn’t roll over into Tuesday and to make it as accurate as possible. I also completed miscellaneous tasks like adding notes onto blog post drafts to make sure I didn’t forget to mention anything.

Overall, Monday was a very productive blogging day and I managed to get myself ahead of the game so I didn’t have to rush anything throughout the week. There were some small tasks on my list I didn’t manage to get done like add images to my LA and Las Vegas blog posts, but they’re pretty simple and can be done in a spare hour.


Tuesday got off to quite a slow start. I had a sleep in until 10am and didn’t start doing anything till 11.40am, but, since I was ahead of myself with blog posts, I wasn’t in a rush to do anything so I think a lie was justified!

11.40-12.15pm-Scheduled Wednesday’s tweets. Again, I tackled this first whilst my mind was still fresh and it actually didn’t take me as long as I expected which was a bonus!

12.15-3pm- Worked on SEO. One of the biggest things I’m trying to focus on now I’ve got into a blogging routine is trying to get my work out there for people to actually read. I did some research into how to improve my DA and practiced making some infographics for Pinterest, which doesn’t seem like a lot, but SEO is a completely new concept to me so I’m taking baby steps!

Tuesday was a good day in terms of blogging and even though I finished earlier than I normally would I did get round to tackling SEO which is something I’d been meaning to do for some time.


Now, this is where things took a very bad turn. On Tuesday, my friend told me she couldn’t access my blog and I didn’t think much of it at the time, I just assumed it was a minor problem and would fix itself if I left it over night. I was very wrong. I was out with my family on Wednesday (which sent me into a meltdown of overthinking because I missed a youtube upload and also had the prospect of uni playing on my mind) and by the time I came home my blog still wasn’t working. After doing some research I figured it must have been a plugin causing the issue, but to resolve it I would have to download software and look at codes and transfer files. The idea of having to spend hours figuring out technology literally filled me with dread, I can’t even keep my MacBook running smoothly half the time, so I decided to take some time away from my computer and my phone from Thursday until Monday and come back to the problem with a clear mind. This 100% did the trick as when I came back to the problem on Monday I took things slowly and the issue was much simpler than I thought, it only took me a couple of hours! Apart from taking a few days away from technology, there was something else that drastically changed my mindset after my blog issue which you can read about in the last week of my¬†gap year update post.

I was going to wait for a really productive week to write this post, but I want to be honest and share what actually happened and how sometimes taking a break can mean you’re more productive than ever. For the most part, I have days like the Monday of this post, but it just so happened the week I chose to write this a curveball was thrown my way and became part of the weeks blogging routine. I’m sure I’ll write another one of these posts later during a week where I don’t have a massive problem, but for now I hope you enjoyed getting a little insight into this particular week! Megan x

P.S. How many hours do you spend on blogging per week? Leave a comment and let me know!

Also, for context the week I’m talking about was 23/7/17- 30/7/17.



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