Should You Take A Gap Year?

Making the decision Pinterest.jpgToday were talking about making the big decision to take a gap year. The decision to take mine was made quite spontaneously, so I’m sharing with you three basic steps to make yours earlier than I did.

When To Make The Decision

I would suggest thinking about a gap year at the same time as you’re applying for university. If you know a gap year is a possibility for you, consider this when selecting your university choices. Make sure the institution you want to go to has an option to defer, and if it doesn’t be aware that you’ll have to reapply during your gap year. If you start to seriously consider a gap year after applying to university like I did, don’t make the mistake I did of completely throwing away university all together. After deciding I wanted to take a gap year I didn’t go to any of my university interviews and figured that if I did change my mind there was always clearing. If I could go back I’d keep my options more open, but I do believe strongly in fate working things out for you so don’t stress to much if you feel like you’ve made the wrong decision at the wrong time.

What To Consider

Its worth considering what you actually want to get out of the year. Do you want to travel? Volunteer? Work and save up? Even if you only have a vague idea, make sure whatever you plan to do will be worth a year of your life. My last post about gap year pros and cons should be a good start to consider what there is to gain from a year out and if its right for you.

Asking For Help

You might think you’re 100% set on what you want to do, whether that be a gap year or university, but sometimes being in your own little bubble of certainty means you can miss out on an amazing opportunity. Ask your friends and family for advice on what they think you could get out of each option; they might give you a reason to take a gap year you’d never even thought of. Just remember, its ultimately your decision, so take other people’s advice on board but never let them decide for you.

If you’ve just got your results and you’re considering taking a gap year, I hope this post gives you a good start to make the big decision. If you missed the first instalment of my gap year mini series you can catch up here, there’ll be another post coming on Monday 6pm! Megan x

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