What I Learned From My Social Media Detox

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 14.11.49.pngSocial media can be toxic. Don’t get me wrong, making autumn Pinterest boards and stalking people’s Instagram feeds can be fun, but when you’re being fed a constant stream of negative political news, it can get pretty overwhelming. Over the last six months or so, I’ve got WAY better at limiting my social media usage; I NEVER procrastinate by mindlessly scrolling down my twitter feed anymore and most weekends I delete all my social media apps and take a break. Recently, I went on holiday with my family and had a five day social media detox…and I didn’t miss the internet one bit. I paid attention to real life, enjoyed my surroundings and didn’t worry about tweeting to let everyone know about it.

My break from social media was partly prompted by Copper Garden’s post about losing her phone at sea, and Hannah Witton’s video about her break from the digital world. Both detoxes had positive results, so I decided it was about time to have one myself. I will point out that I did actually use my phone throughout the week for music and downloaded Netflix shows, but even though my apartment had wifi, I was not once tempted to use it. In fact, I liked being disconnected from the internet so much that when I turned my phone off aeroplane mode out of habit, I switched it straight back on. It sounds weird to say, but I actually became scared of notifications; I didn’t want any messages to come through because that meant I had the job of replying to them, and if I didn’t, it would constantly be in the back of my mind.

Bare with my metaphor here, but being away from social media made my life feel like a full glass of 100% pure orange juice. Whatever I was doing I was 100% focused on experiencing and enjoying it, and now I realise that life with social media is like a glass of cordial; Its diluted and you’re never really focused on one thing if you’re checking your phone every five minutes. My social media detox taught me a valuable lesson; if I want a better quality of life, I need to make sure I designate time to certain activities so everything I do feels like 100% fresh orange juice. If I’m watching TV, I’m paying attention to the storyline, not having it on in the background whilst checking twitter. If I’m writing blog posts, I’m putting all of my energy into them, not writing a few sentences then checking YouTube. If I’m checking social media, I’m catching up on the people worth paying attention to and the content I’m actually interested in. Nothings getting diluted anymore.

I’d recommend taking a social media detox to anyone, whether you’re on holiday or not, its nice to take a break from the sometimes overwhelming digital world. Megan x

P.S Have any of you taken a social media detox before? If so, did it impact you positively? Leave a comment and let me know!

P.P.S I have nothing against actual cordial juice. I drink it more than fresh orange juice, but lets just appreciate the metaphor.

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