All I Want For Christmas Is…

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Blogosphere Subscription // I Can Do This Blog Planner // Little Miss Blogger Mug // Girlboss Workbook // Shower Cap // Dressing Gown // Loungewear Set // PINK Sherpa Quarter Zip // Silk Pillow // Diptyque Candle

HAPPY DECEMBER EVERYBODY! I’m sure you’re all as excited as I am about the first day of Blogmas, I’m so happy I’ll have new posts to read everyday whilst I snuggle up with my tree lights on! To start the month off, I thought I’d share with you whats on my list this year and hopefully get you into the festive spirit.

This year I finally gave blogging a proper go and found Blogosphere magazine to be SO helpful, which is why I’ve asked for a subscription for Christmas. I love the thought of receiving a gift that keeps on giving throughout the year and its something I can genuinely put to good use and enjoy, rather than throw away during a February spring clean. Plus, for just £30 you get four very high quality magazines, which means if you’re a fellow blogger stuck to what to ask for, its perfect to mention to your family to avoid those gift cards you probably don’t want and won’t use!

Another useful gift I’ve asked for its the ‘I Can Do This’ blog planner from Dot Creates, which includes pages to plan blog posts and YouTube videos as well as social media trackers, perfect for planning and organising all of my content in one place. I’ve never had a dedicated blog planner before so needless to say if I find this under my tree on Christmas Day I’ll be very excited!

To round off the blog themed gifts I’ve asked for, I’ve included the ‘Little Miss Blogger’ mug on my list. It’ll serve as a great blog prop and I’ll feel like an official blogger when I’m scrolling through Pinterest drinking my tea in it!

Fourth on my list is the Girlboss Workbook which I’ve been absolutely dying to get my hands on since I listened to the original Girlboss book! The workbook is like a wreck this journal for women who want to get sh*t done and includes everything from a CV template to advice on disarming people. Its also only £7.99, meaning its not a huge thing to ask for from family members or friends but its very useful and productive.

One thing I’ve been needing for months now is a shower cap and when I saw this cupcake one I couldn’t resist putting it on my list. Its a novelty gift but practical at the same time, and at just £5 its perfect to ask for or give as a stocking filler.

Moving from productivity to comfort, next on my list is this grey dressing gown from Topshop, the same one I’ve received for the last two christmases. Its one of the softest things I’ve ever worn but by August I’ve worn it so much its no longer like being in a fleecy cocoon, so I’m really hoping I receive another one this Christmas!

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Another gift I’ve asked for from Topshop is this set of ‘supersoft lounge wear’. I’ve also received this before but in a different print and a year later they’re still one of the best pairs of pyjamas I own. They’re slightly on the pricey side but they’re really high quality, and if you’re like me and spend 80% of your life in pjs you’ll definitely get a lot of ware out of them.

Incase it isn’t clear to anyone how much I LOVE comfy clothes, I’ve included this PINK Sherpa Quarter Zip on my list. Getting anything from Victoria’s Secret always feels like a luxury and I can’t quite justify the £75 price tag for this unless its a special occasion like Christmas, so I’m hoping the big mans feeling generous this year!

The next thing I’ve asked for is a silk pillow case which is also a bit of a luxury. Having suffered with bad skin for years I’m intrigued as to whether this will actually make a lot of difference, and if it doesn’t, getting out of a bath and resting my head on silk will definitely add a little something extra to my pamper nights.

Finally on my list is a Diptyque candle. After watching SunBeamJess talk about them all the time in her videos, I’ve been wanting to add a touch of luxury to my ever growing candle collection. At £25, the candle would be such a special gift to receive and would definitely be saved for special occasions!

That concludes my Christmas wish list for this year! I’d love to know what you’re asking for, is it anything included in this post? Let me know in the comments below! Megan x


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