November and December- The Months Of Work

The last two months of 2017 were very busy for me, so my blog took a bit of a backseat which is why this post is coming to you so late. Never the less, I thought I’d still document  what the end of the year entailed for me so I have something to look back on.


November started with a Harry Styles concert on the very first day, which was a very nice way to kick off the month. There was a point in my early teenage years when I was going to concerts once a month, but now at eighteen I go to a lot less and, truth be told, general admission events give me a lot of anxiety. Don’t get me wrong, I still absolutely love being in a live crowd once I’m there and have my bearings, but the lead up to Harry’s concert did make me nervous. When I got there, instead of an anxiety filled night, I actually experienced the most chill concert I’ve ever been to. We got there in no rush, found a quiet merch stall and bar upstairs, and then settled ourselves at the very back of the venue, which actually proved to have an amazing view since we were in a theatre and the floor was raised. We had enough room to sit down whilst we waited for Harry, a wall to lean back on, a place to put our drinks and bags and to top it all of we were right next to the women toilets. I didn’t feel any pressure to sing every word of every song or record the whole thing- in fact I think I took one photo and one video the whole night- I just enjoyed it and relaxed. I’m really hoping for more concerts like that in the future!IMG_3141

I also visited London and saw the real life tailor shop ‘Kingsman’ was filmed at, which was definitely a highlight of the year!


As well as all of that, I started my Christmas temp job at The Body Shop during the first week of November and was given more hours than I expected, which wasn’t a bad thing since my contract was only for two months and I wanted to save as much as possible. That did mean that the main focus for the month was work so I didn’t really do much else apart from a LOT of cinema visits. vitamin E (1 of 1)


December was another work-filled month, but I did make time to visit Manchester to see ‘Elf The Musical’ which was absolutely INCREDIBLE! The Lowry was an amazing venue, Ben Forster put on an amazing performance as Buddy and I’ve been listening to the soundtrack ever since. I even rewatched it three times after it had been shown on Channel 5!elf (1 of 1)

Christmas rolled around very quickly, I had a lovely time with my family and ended the year with a chilled New Year’s Eve- a great end to a great year.

Last Months Goals

I’m glad to say I achieved both goals of ‘Put in as many work hours as I can’ and ‘Start planning for new year’ I set myself for November, but the goal of ‘Post to my blog and YouTube once a week’ failed miserably because of work commitments and the general busyness of the festive season. I wasn’t worrying about it too much though, I decided since I was only at work for two months it took president over everything else and I didn’t want to put too much on myself and enter 2018 frazzled and stressed.

What we’re your best bits of November/December? Leave a comment and let me know! Megan x

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