My Secret To Staying Organised

Organisation is always something I’ve struggled with, but I definitely got better at it during last year, and I think I’ve finally found out the secret to keeping on top of everything…write it all down. This might sound obvious, but as soon as I started using a proper calendar and put pen to paper in a notebook, my life became SO much easier. It sounds counter productive and definitely doesn’t fit with my minimalistic ways, but I’ve found that my brain copes a lot better with different things in different places. I like having dedicated places to record things such as events, daily tasks and general notes which is why I have five different ways of organising myself, but don’t be put off, you don’t have to use all of them, I promise by just using just one your life will become a LOT easier.

“I’ve finally found out the secret to keeping on top

of everything…write it all down.” 

My number one tool for staying organised is my Google Calendar. I write down and colour code all my events, including work, holidays and upcoming blog posts using the monthly view option so I can see exactly what I have coming up/ where I’ll be during the month. If you only do one thing to improve your organisation, set up one of these- I can’t stress how much it transformed the way I organise my life and how valuable of a resource it is, I literally use it every single day.

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 13.56.50.png

The next way I stay organised is by using a day to planner (1 of 1)day diary. I purchased this one from Hobby Craft for £10 and although it doesn’t get nearly as much use as my Google Calendar, its perfect for writing down your three main tasks for the day when you’re feeling overwhelmed and also comes with some very aesthetically pleasing stickers!

journal side (1 of 1)journal wide (1 of 1)

I’ve always been skeptical of bullet journals– I could never see the point in spending hours drawing out a diary when you could just buy a pre-made one, but after browsing Pinterest for alternative set ups, I decided to give one a go in 2018. My bullet journal isn’t a daily thing, or even a weekly thing, its houses long term organisation pages such as a yearly events circle and monthly goal reviews. I wanted a place to put odd pages BJ1 (1 of 1)standard diaries don’t have and a bullet journal gave me the freedom and flexibility to fill in the gaps my day to day diary left me with. As I mentioned earlier, I started with a yearly events circle to give me a broad overview of birthdays and other special occasions. I then did a very basic resolutions and goals page and a double spread ‘Roadmap To Success’ to accompany it.

One of my favourite pages is my ‘Year In Pixels’ as its really going to help me to track my mental health and ratio of good:bad days. One of my biggest goals of 2018 is to save as much as possible, so to visually track my progress I created a savings jar page that will hopefully be filled by the end of the year!BJ5 (1 of 1)

My last yearly spread is a monthly tasks page, which will be used to track things I hate doing but can’t put off like backing up my phone and printing photos, to make sure I keep up with them regularly.BJ6 (1 of 1)

Moving on to my monthly spreads (which are the same every month as I didn’t want to over complicate things and give myself more work) I have a very basic monthly review page, habit tracker, spending tracker and gratitude tracker.BJ7-1-of-1.jpg


My next method of organisation is my blog planner. This does exactly what it says on the tin- helps me plan my blog posts. I’ve found having a place exclusively for blog planning has allowed me to plan posts in greater detail and track their progress, something I couldn’t do in the lined notepad I used for multiple things last year.

blog planner outside (1 of 1)

Lastly, I have a plain lined notepad for ‘brain dumps’, affirmations, lists, doodles and anything else I need to get down on paper to release my stress. This book has no structure and no rules, it has anything and everything in it and has become an essential part of my self care routine.

plain notepad (1 of 1)

This set up and blend of different organisation methods took me a long time to balance and perfect, so I hope you can take some valuable information from it. I’d love to know your secret to organisation, leave a comment and let me know! Megan x

6 thoughts on “My Secret To Staying Organised

  1. I am so not good at being organizaed and it gets overwhelming sometimes. I totally need to take your tips and put them in action.

    Michelle x

  2. I still do not understand bullet journals. I am trying to wrap my head around them and I like that they’re cute and customizable, but who has time to make those?? I think I’m happiest with the typical day to day and weekly planner.

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