Iceland Photo Diary

In late January, I made my second trip of the year, and first ever trip without my parents, to Iceland with my friend Lucy. We only had four nights there so we packed in as much as possible, starting with a guided tour of The Golden Circle.

The day started with a stop off at a viewing point with INCREDIBLE views- and because at that time of year the sun doesn’t rise until around 10am- there was still a glow in the sky behind the snowy clouds.

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The next stop was a waterfall which was very, very impressive, but very, VERY cold and windy- I’m talking had-to-grab-onto-another-tourist-so-I-didn’t-get-blown-off-a-cliff windy. Never the less, it was a once in a lifetime photo opportunity so I grabbed it with both hands and got some pretty impressive shots (even if I do say so myself).

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Our penultimate stop was at a Geysir for some more snaps, followed by an extra stop our driver managed to squeeze in at a church during golden hour!

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Our next trip was to see the Northern Lights, which were unfortunately not playing the game that night and decided to show up in Scotland rather than Iceland, ┬áso for blog purposes lets just pretend that didn’t happen and skip straight to The Blue Lagoon photos. I can honestly say it was one of the most photogenic, relaxing places I’ve ever been and I’ll definitely be going back!


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Before heading to the airport on our last day, we took some time to properly wander around the streets and soak up all Reykjavik had to offer, including the Hallgrimskirkja Cathedral and some very nordic tin houses.

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After our wander we made our way to the airport and eventually back to the UK and our own beds (Thank God) with some amazing photographs and memories. I hope you enjoyed this little snippet of the trip, I absolutely loved it and I’d 100% recommend visiting Iceland at least once!

Megan x


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