Working 9-5, What A Way To Make A Living

I’ve recently started a full-time job in a call center, despite once swearing blind to myself that I would NEVER work a 9-5 office job. I didn’t ever want to surrender myself to a monotonous schedule, give up my freedom and work for someone else, but here I am, getting excited about doing just that. Don’t get me wrong, my new role isn’t a permanent job by any means, I only want to be in it for two years tops. If you’ve read some of my other blog posts, you might now that my ultimate goal is to become a full-time property developer (y’know, every teenage girl’s dream) so I’m treating this job as the first stepping stone to that goal and it just so happens that the seemingly boring first step comes with a lot of unexpected perks too…

The Schedule

After working very sporadic shifts in retail that included early mornings, late nights, weekends and holidays I am SO excited to finally have guaranteed Monday-Friday hours with a FULL lunch hour, no evenings, no weekends, 36 days holiday a year, no working Christmas and home by 5 pm every day. In my last job, my shifts would change so often that I had to check the rota every day to make sure my shift for the next day still stood, making it impossible to plan anything- so even though I never thought I would be, I’m actually REALLY thankful for the predictability of a 9-5. I’m also really glad to work a job where I can choose how much overtime I do and when- the option of extra money is there If I want it but I have 37 hours a week anyway. Another perk I’m really excited about is being able to take my laptop to work and spend my lunch hour working on my blog so I don’t neglect my family quite as much by spending all my time at home working on it. I honestly can’t believe that after struggling with part-time positions over the past year I’ve managed to get a job with such a good schedule.


The Environment

If I have to spend at least a year working a dead end job, I’m glad its one that lets me wear comfy clothes in a nice office with a cup of tea at my desk, rather than one where I’m on my feet stacking shelves or working tills all day. I plan to make my time behind a desk as homely and comfortable as possible- I’m talking photos, quotes, a massage chair, a pillow, a hot water bottle, elasticated trousers, my favorite tea mug- the whole hog. I’m actually getting excited at the thought of having my very own little space at work that I can settle down and get comfortable in for the day!


The Money

I know money can be a touchy subject, but I aim to be as honest as possible on this blog, so to give you some perspective, my new job pays £16K a year, which I know isn’t a huge amount, but at £5K a year more than a full-time minimum wage job for my age and £11K a year more than my last part-time job in retail-without overtime- I’m basically a lifetime member of the Bellagio high rollers room. As I said, I don’t plan on being in this job very long, its purely to save up for my future goals, so I’m really pleased I could secure a role that will help me reach my financial goals faster.

So there you are… maybe working a 9-5 isn’t so bad after all! After a whole year, hundreds of applications and two unreliable retail jobs, I finally feel like my life has had an upgrade! Although my 14-year-old self would hate me for saying this, I’m so excited to start a nice little buffer period in a stable job. Comment down below and tell me whether you prefer retail or office work and why I’d be interested to see if anyone agrees with me! Megan x

12 thoughts on “Working 9-5, What A Way To Make A Living

  1. The way you put it, I almost want to work a 9-5 job! But seriously you’re right and even though they don’t seem it to people doing it, from where you’ve come from they’re a benefit

  2. I am on a 9-5 job right now and pretty happy about it. I think there is nothing bad about a routine job. Regarding salary, it is indeed low but it is just the beginning. I started on a very low paid job and my second job was paid 6k more (just like you) and then it will keep on increasing!

  3. I started working my 9-5 job just over two years ago, and that was after 4+ years working in retail.

    I never thought I’d be happy in a 9-5 office job, being at a desk all day after being on my feet for four years in retail, but I actually love it. I love know what hours I’m working, chasing to do overtime as and when I want to and actually being able to plan things more than a week in advance. The £’s better than my retail jobs and I’m treated much better by my employer. Although I have put at least a stone on from not being as active, there’s ups and downs to everything.

    I’m glad you’re enjoying it and even if it is just a stepping stone, at least you have your future goals to work towards!

    • Theres SO many upsides compared to retail that I didnt even notice before I started an office job! So glad you liked the post, its encouraging to know someone else agrees x

  4. I can totally understand the desire for a 9-5 job! Especially now as I’m applying for job after job, after university.

    As long as you’re enjoying yourself and happy thats all that matters! Keep going strong xx

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