The Introvert’s Summer Bucket List

It can be easy to feel inadequate when every Instagram user and their dog are posting photos at festivals, nightclubs and pool parties all summer long but hanging out with more than one person makes you feel drained. I feel ya. I’ve had many a social hangover after days out with a large group of people, and I’ve finally accepted I’m just not a sociable person and I never will be. I’m so unsociable in fact, that I’m writing this blog post in a hotel room by myself whilst my family are partying away in a function room downstairs, which might sound sad to some people, but I can assure you I’d much rather be up here enjoying my own company with some Netflix and room service than down there surrounded by people giving ‘Living On A Prayer’ their very best shot on karaoke. So, I’ve decided to put together an ‘Introvert’s Bucket List’ for those of you who, like me, much prefer low key days with their own company or that of a small group to having to deal with the overwhelming feeling big social gatherings bring.

  1. Paint Stones And Hide Them In The River– Recently I went to a really cute remote picnic spot by a river, and was surprised to see a stone with P.T Barnum from ‘The Greatest Showman’ painted on hidden amongst all the other unassuming rocks and pebbles, which inspired me to spend a sunny afternoon in the same spot painting my own design onto a stone. It was such a relaxing couple of hours and a great alternative to big BBQ’s and parties.

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2. Go For A Picnic– Who doesn’t love a good summer picnic? Grab a fellow introvert, knock up some sarnies, slap some sunscreen on and enjoy a cheap, no pressure day in the sun.

3. Go Litter Picking On The Beach– If you want to be the *ultimate* introverted Millennial this summer, you can pick up a litter picker on Amazon for just over £1, grab a friend and spend the day in the sunshine saving the turtles.

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4. Read The Same Book At The Same Time As Someone Else– If you don’t fancy the beer garden or a festival, why not grab a friend or relative, pick a book you both like the look of, find a relaxing spot and read it at the same time, stopping at every chapter to share your thoughts. As an introvert, I really like this idea because it gives you your own space whilst still allowing you to spend quality time with someone else- it’s the best of both worlds!

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5. Go Strawberry Picking– Nothing says summer more than a day at the strawberry fields followed by eating your freshly picked produce in the garden!

6. Have A Cinema Marathon– There is no safer place for introverts than the cinema! Pick three back to back showings of movies that take your fancy and spend the whole day there. Again, I like this activity because it allows you to spend time with other people and bond with them over something but there’s no pressure to be overly sociable!

7. Give Your Clothes A Makeover– Grab some old clothes that need a little lovin’, cut them, embroider them, stick badges to them- anything to bring them back to life!

8. Volunteer At Your Local Dog Shelter– This is a great way to have a relaxing couple of hours in the sun AND put something good into the world. All you have to do is go down to your nearest shelter, fill out some paperwork and ask the staff which dogs need walking. There are so many dogs that need some human company and I know I’m definitely a human that needs some dog company, so for me, it’s the perfect summer activity!

9. Go On A Photography Treasure Hunt– All you need are some disposable cameras and another introverted person ready for a lowkey day snapping away in the sun. Pick a location, write a checklist of things to photograph (as vague or obscure as you like) and click until your heart’s content (and your film runs out) then compare your shots when you get the film back!

10. Complete The 10,000 Steps Challenge For A Week– The best part about this activity is that is completely free- all you need is a smartphone to count your steps. By aiming for 10,000 steps a day, you’ll spend more time outdoors, more time moving and more time exploring places you might not have gone outside of the challenge! You can do it by yourself, with a small group of people or with a furry four-legged friend (which, let’s admit, is better than other humans).

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So there we have it… ten summer bucket list ideas for all you introverts out there! Remember, there’s nothing wrong with enjoying more intimate, low-key gatherings (just as there’s nothing wrong with going out clubbing if that’s your thing), it doesn’t make you any less of a person- you do you! If you have any other good ideas for the introvert’s bucket list please do leave them below! Megan x

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